The 10 fashion trends for spring-summer 2020

spring summer trends 2020

The 10 Fashion trends for spring-summer 2020 have arrived and make us more than ever want to jump into the sunshine.

On the menu: colours, retro and animal prints, bold cuts and must-have pieces. Here are all the fashion trends that will mark the summer season.

The major fashion trends for spring-summer 2020 announce the colour for the beautiful days. In order to be stylish this summer, we’re preparing the ground and taking an interest in all the new trends spotted during Fashion Week.

There’s plenty of fun to be had with the new 2020 trends. Zebra and polka-dot prints, denim, suits or pop pink, we’re revealing everything we’ll be wearing in spring-summer 2020.

Spring-Summer fashion trends

1) The total denim look

Jeans are a wardrobe must-have. And this season, we’re going for the total denim look from head to toe.

In order to adopt it without a lack of taste, we avoid the mix of jeans colours and prefer monochrome. As for the pieces, we’re in for a denim dress, overalls or jumpsuit, which are easy to accessorize.

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Fashion trends for spring summer 2020 - Total Look Denim
Total Look Denim

2) The suit

Star of the season, it’s him! The smoking jacket is making a comeback and gaining in sensuality.

The men’s suit is going summer time and we’re just fans. For 2020, we’re adopting it in a short version, feminizing it with a transparent blouse and daring the plunging neckline.

A trend that persists and signs for the evening with the trouser suit decorated with sequins.

Fashion trends for spring summer 2020 - Smocking Jacket Woman
Smocking Jacket Woman

3) Balloon sleeves

They made a timid appearance this winter, but in 2020, puffed sleeves are taking their rightful place in our dressing room.

Whether the relief is concentrated on the shoulder or the arm, XXL shoulder pads and puffed sleeves are a must on this season’s fashionable pieces, short dresses and light blouses.

Fashion trends for spring summer 2020 - Balloon Sleeves Design
Balloon Sleeves Design

4) The Bralette

On the catwalks of spring-summer 2020, corsets and light nightie dresses were on the catwalks, but bras were the most prominent.

Next season, the bra is no longer hiding under the tops, it is also on display in the city.

5) The Hook Macrame

It’s time to take out her macrame bag from last summer. In a bohemian spirit, crochet and macramé have become a must-have for summer 2020. And not only on our accessories!

The 70’s crochet dress is making a comeback, whether we like it or not.

Fashion trends for spring summer 2020 - Hook Macrame Dress
Hook Macrame Dress

Trendy prints for spring summer 2020

6) Black and white peas

White on a black background, small or large, polka dots can be used on small muslin dresses, light blouses and chic blouses. A trend that already heralds a summer of retro fashion.

7) The zebra print

The trend for animal motifs continues in 2020. For spring-summer, it seems that the zebra is stealing the show from the leopard. Black and white, it goes with everything!

The most daring will be able to try colourful prints. It can be worn with a flowing midday skirt, a long dress or on a handbag to be right in the trend.

Fashion trends for spring summer 2020 - Zebra Print Dress
Zebra Print Dress

Summer 2020 colour trends

8) The Pastel

From sky blue to pale pink to almond green, pastel shades are everywhere, ready to take over next summer’s wardrobe.

We love these soft colours in monochrome versions for a refreshing look full of softness.

Pastel Blue Dress
Pastel Blue Dress

9) Flashy Pink

In contrast to the pastel trend, strong colours are also making a place for themselves in fashion trends.

Very present in the autumn-winter fashion trends, flashy pink persists and sublimates our tan for the beautiful days. This bright pink will bring out the best in any outfit.

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Flashy Pink Dress
Flashy Pink Dress

10) The Green

The other star color of the season is green. Seen on the catwalks of the spring-summer 2020 fashion week, the colour of hope arrives in our dressing rooms and dresses us from head to toe.

We take our inspiration from the Gucci and Michael Kors shows to dare the total look.

Green Long Dress
Green Long Dress

And you… what do you think of the new trends of this spring-summer 2020?


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