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Crossbody Bags for Women

Crossbody Bags have the power to define a style, to bring to our outfits a touch of elegance and incomparable modernity.

At the beginning of a new season, the time has come to take stock of women’s crossbody bags, which are expected to be the future must-have in our wardrobes. In leather, synthetic or textile, are you ready for easy decoding?

Women’s crossbody bag

While the crossbody bag takes over, it is a coming festival with a wide variety of forms and textures.

It is definitely the small sizes that make the show, if the maxi zipped tote bag and the satchel spirit of children’s bags stand out!

To remember, the round bag enhanced with flashy details, the vintage tote bag and the chain shoulder bag.

From cushioned leather to denim to reptile-like denim, the styles blend together for a colourful look.
Wear your crossbody bag with a light weight on the shoulder.

Silhouettes in a shoulder bag

Do you have a penchant for romance, long flowery dresses and flounced blouses?

Go for the braided bag or the small stitched bag.

If, on the other hand, you’re a bit provocative, opt for the bright colours, the mirror bag and the big logos.

You’ll then need to roll up your sleeves to carry your bag like a clutch.

Flexible or structured, crossbody bags are definitely decorated with jewellery clips to make you look your best day and night.