How to choose your sunglasses?


Summer is coming, the sun is more and more present. To protect yourself from the intense light, it’s time to choose your sunglasses.

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Sunglasses according to the shape of your face.

The important factor to consider is the shape of your face. Whether you have a circle, square or oval head, you should choose the appropriate sunglasses.

What sunglasses for a circle or oval face?

Your face is circle. Do not accentuate its shape with rounded glasses!  Better to break the roundness of this one with a geometric model.

Also, thin branches will lengthen your face, always in the optics to limit the round appearance of your face! With a circle face, all styles of sunglasses will fit.

You can even wearing more eccentric and original models!

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What sunglasses for long and square faces?

For long faces, a wide range of sunglasses is possible, even if the rounded style will remain preferred.  Side branches, it will be more focus on large enough parts: it will avoid focusing on the length of your face!

The square faces can, for their part, be content to act opposite the advice for circle heads!  Clearly, forget the geometric shapes that would only highlight the angular aspect of your features.

Level up ! Opt instead for a wide model, to reduce the size of your face! On the contrary, it is better to choose branches thin enough not to widen your head.

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The haircut counts too!

This is not what you think first and yet the length of your haircut is important.  If you have a short cut, let yourself be tempted by a small model, with fine branches.

You have on your head a hair overflowing? It’s the opposite! A lot of volume in your head will lead you to choose imposing binoculars. Finally, if you are between the two, free your style !

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About your eyes?

Depending on the brightness of your environment and the sensitivity of your eyes, it will, therefore, be necessary to focus on the right protection: a blue-eyed blonde will not need the same sunglasses like the one who lives in the north with black pupils!

To put it simply, there are 3 categories of UV filtering: type reserved for use in the city, type ideal for holidays in the sun, and the type if you are the type to make duels of look with the sun.

You now know which criteria to choose your pair of sunglasses.

How to choose your sunglasses?
How to choose your sunglasses?
How to choose your sunglasses?
How to choose your sunglasses?
How to choose your sunglasses?

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