How to dress today ?


To get dressed in the morning, there are plenty of options.

Among :
  • Wear the same uniform every day: something like jeans / shirt / boots
  • Take the first clean stuff on the front stack
  • Prepare your clothes the day before
  • Bend to the mood of the day or the weather – to get a fitting look
  • Make ten fittings because you want to be original, all that to end up in jeans
  • Have the desire to wear a specific piece and rack your brains so that everything matches
  • Start from the shoes and compose the rest
  • Adapt to the meeting of the day …
In short, there are those who arrive on time. And the others.
We choose just about every one of these options. Yes, even me who dresses the others and composes them a notebook of looks for the days of breakdown. In fact, I am often asked this question: “In the morning, do you ever think in front of your wardrobe?” Yes, it happens to me.
There are days when I have envied everything. Like when I can not decide between strawberry pie and cheese cake. I would put my leather pants well but I also really want my silk dress … and then … I would come out well my suit … oh la la … it can take hours … What I want : time before me to do the fitting (and especially nothing tidy after …)
Sometimes I want one thing I must wear it today! It can be from a pair of boots (but if I put this pants or this top I will look like a clown), a red jacket (but it will not go with this leggin ..) It’s almost worse.
Because the mood of the day must stick with my desire for a specific piece. From experience, I know that when the two options are too far apart, you have to consider only the mood of the day. It’s better to feel good in your clothes than in a bag. If really, you feel idea breakdown go up – and the time advance dangerously – fold on the stack of clothes “no idea” ! Find different brand choices in our different categories such as Clothes, Shoes or Accessories. Will it help you renew your wardrobe? Of Course ! The day of the look, it will be for another time. And you, how do you choose your dress of the day?


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