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Trend of the Autumn 2018

  • The trend of the layering or in other words: the superimposing

This trend is interesting to renew its dresses by using the same clothes. It allows to play with the contrasts of materials and colors to obtain a different global result. We shall avoid accumulating an excess large number of layers on the other hand…
  • Parka !

Even the most beautiful society women do not look like any more in much by putting on one parka of the type Kway … One needs for all the tastes but, according to me, it is not a flattering garment for whoever it is. I would tend to rule ou it of my guarding daily dress.I have the only one of it, whom I shall keep for life, which is useful for me for the campaign by rainy time but I do not really consider it as a full garment.
  • The pop tiles it’s trendy

These tiles in colored mode, think about it? I like the color thus I like the idea. But this extravagance will not be for the taste of all and will not be necessarily easy to handle. It is necessary to know that this kind of part is rather whimsical in trend : one year it is downright connected, then during 5 years it is totally square and so on. It is not something which integrates cupboards in a long-lasting way thus it is better to choose colors easier to wear to avoid a “trendy” purchase which is transformed into purchase “cupboard” some times later.
  • The napped coat

It is a hot and very comfortable material the winter. Colors and style are rather neutral. This type of part can according to me continue in the time without any trouble. The only drawback lives in the thickness and the curvature of the subject which can give of the volume to the silhouette.
  • The square shoulders

This style very of 80 is not simple to wear. What woman wants to look like a wardrobe with a mirror ? I think that this trend is not really sold but that it rather aims at making architectural silhouettes parade on the catwalks. I do not recommend to buy this kind of part which deforms the silhouette and which penetrates punctually the trends without being besides endowed of any elegant and/or long-lasting power.
  • The Trend Leopard

The printed matter leopard can give of the character to a dress by adding it to more basic parts.If we like it but what we do not dare, it will make all its effect in small touches in details or at the level of accessories. This printed matter, which finds itself in the trends in a regular way, almost passed at the stage of sacred healthy “timeless”. I think that a beautiful part with a detail leopard can easily continue in time.


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