Trends Mode 2018

TRENDS MODE 2018-2019

  • The trends mode of the winter 2018-2019 are there.

And all trendy addict ask themselves THE question: but that to carry in winter? Fortunately, we are at the time and to you are told a little more on the style that about it you have to adopt to be in the trend mode autumn winter 2018-2019.

If you dream about a winter about cocooning, the fashion autumn winter 2018-2019 is there to serve you.

This winter, the trends mode autumn winter 2018-2019 are rather clear: stay in the warmth, multiply layers and wrap up yourselves. But especially, remain stylish.

The parades autumn winter have already given us some ideas to rooms mode winter to adopt during Fashion Week autumn winter 2018-2019.

The opportunity for us to have a small idea on what he is going to need to carry next winter.

To paint you the picture of the trends mode autumn winter, you risk to fill up with novelties. At first, we “do the twist” trends already ready. We revisit the style preppy by bringing him a touch of rock.

We carry the jeans version winter. The total look denim is imperative. We dare to mix printed matters flowers with peas, which lead to forget little by little stripes.

Tiles, too, invite each other in our wintry dressing room.

Jacket oversize, printed pullover or line boyfriend, we dig into the male cloakroom for looks boyish and stylish in the key.

We adopt the volumes XXL to succumb a little more to the trend of the fashion oversize.

One put on the elegant man and the moved, wiser or wild rock. In brief, we have fun with the strong rooms of the season to build up itself a style mode which looks like us.

  • What are essential mode of the autumn winter 2018/2019?

Certain parts mode distance themselves in the beam of the trends mode winter, 2018. This season, the leather will be indisputably one of the big inescapable.

On pants, dresses, skirts and jackets, it stands out. It mixes with big pullovers security blanket, woolen or in cashmere.

Combinations pants will be THE part to adopt this winter. With a perfecto, we fail straightaway.

Concerning coats autumn-winter, give way to the volume. Treated sheepskin or down jacket, whatever is the model, the coat will be long and XXL.

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