What wedding outfit for a woman guest ?

How to dress in a Wedding ? what wedding outfit for a woman guest ? 2 wedding witnesses with the bride.

What wedding outfit for a woman guest?

The wedding season has started and many of you are soon to be invited to a wedding.

That’s why I’ve prepared an article that will help you choose the perfect outfit for this special occasion.

It’s the only day of the year where you should not be afraid to do too much.

This is an opportunity where you have to go out the big game, it’s for a wedding.


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Superb guest outfit for a wedding

Avoid dresses that are too big if you’re the guest of a wedding.

Opt for a trendy outfit, but do not overdo it either. Your outfit may be exceptional, but it must still be “invited to a wedding”.

Some very imposing dresses are not, for example, the most suitable for a wedding.


Black dress to avoid for a guest at a wedding.

Black dress to avoid for a guest at a wedding.

The color of the wedding clothes for the guest?

Before you introduce the outfits I thought of for you. I will quickly tell you about the colors that can or can not be worn at a wedding.

White for the guest’s clothes ?

Generally, it is said that all variations of white are to be avoided at a wedding. White or ivory are exclusively reserved for the bride.

However, do not forbid yourself to wear a white piece in your outfit. It will just avoid the look totally white or ivory. For example, bring color into your jacket if the pants are white.

Black for the guest’s clothes ?

Regarding the black, we will avoid wearing a completely black outfit that can do a little burial. Long black dresses may be interesting but may give you a sad look.

This dress is perfect for a wedding guest. Nevertheless think about taking accessories to bring a fashion touch. Bracelets, jewelry, handbag will do the trick and even wear colored shoes.

What length of dress for a woman invited to a wedding?

At a wedding you can choose a short dress or long as long as it puts your assets in value with subtlety.


Where to find your guest outfit from a wedding?

I advise you not to buy your wedding dress. There is indeed a chance that you only wear it once and then it ends up in your closet.

Think rather to rent one. it will be cheaper and more respectful for the environment.

The rental can also allow you to access upscale outfits at reasonable prices.

The Choice of shoes for the guest

beautiful shoes for a wedding

Beautiful shoes for a wedding

At the feet, the black sandals are perfect. Nevertheless, you can opt for other colors such as gold, rose gold or silver for example.

These colors go very well with the color of the dress and the wallet.

Find a beautiful collection of shoes just here !

The choice of bags for the guest

Bag for a guest wedding

Bag idea for a guest

For the bag, I chose to stay in pink tones to compose an elegant pink.

This light pink clutch goes very well with the pink dress and the pink gold pumps.

Our collection of handbags is available by following this link.

You will find a large choice of major brands such as Michael Kors, Gucci, Coach, Guess, Versace Jeans and more …

Trench coat for the guest of a wedding

trench coat for the guest of a wedding

Trench coat idea for a guest

If it’s cold you can choose a pretty, unbleached trench coat.

It will marry the curves of your figure and bring breadth to your bust.

The benchmark in the world of Trench Coat is Burberry.

Fortunately at Wootrendy.com we offer their models of Trench Coat.

A stole for holding the guest of a wedding

A stole for your wedding guest outfit

A stole to cover you

If it’s a little cold, I suggest you wear a pretty ivory stole like this one.

It will perfectly accompany your outfit, it’s really a super elegant piece.

What underwear worn for a wedding outfit ?

The sheath

If you have belly, I invite you to wear shorts under your outfit.

The nude version of this shorts is not bad if you want to be sure it is perfectly invisible under your clothes.

Opt for a sheath of good quality. Do not waste your money in poor quality sheaths that will roll under your clothes or be too unpleasant.

Opt for a single sheath of good quality that you can use even daily if you wish.

Your manicure and pedicure

Take care of your pedicure and your manicure, it’s really important!

At the feet, I advise you to wear red or pale pink, it is a timeless and elegant color.

Then, in the hands, I advise you to wear also red or pale pink but with nails well cared for.

Avoid flash colors.

Pedicure for a guest wedding

Pedicure and Manucure Idea

To be chic and non-vulgar, use short nails on the hands and feet. It will have a very nice effect.

Don’t forget to trust yourself and tell me what you thought about this article.


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